Of Mice and Men Sample Story

“Slim’s opinions were law.”

— Steinbeck

I agree with the statement that Slim stands out as a positive role model for those around him. Steinbeck characterizes Slim several times throughout the novel to specifically demonstrate the respect and admiration others feel toward him.

One specific instance occurs (transition) on page 45 (reference to a specific detail in the text) when Carlson wants to kill Candy’s dog. Steinbeck mentions how Candy finally succumbs when Slim agrees to it, for “Slim’s opinions were law.” This clearly illustrates how Slim serves as a role model to the other characters, as they look up to and value the validity of his opinions (analysis/commentary – connect back to question).

Andrea Bell

Another example is on page 40 when George confides in Slim about his treatment of Lennie. During this conversation, Slim is characterized as having “calm, God-like eyes.” Again, it is clear that the men recognize and respect his calm presence, even to the extent of comparing him to a god.

Overall, these are just a few examples to prove how Slim stands out as a role model to the other men on the ranch (overview – tie back to your answer).